*10 Reasons I'm The Real Estate Broker For You To Hire*


  1. For some quick clarification and facts. Per the California Bureau of Real Estate which governs real estate in CA, no licensed Realtor or licensed Real Estate Agent can work by themselves on any real estate transaction in CA without having their real estate license placed with a Real Estate Broker and under the supervision of a licensed CA Real Estate Broker, period. A Real Estate Broker in CA must supervise all Realtors and Real Estate Agents working for a Broker on all transactions within their office because they are not licensed by the state to work on their own. So it might be in your best interest to hire a Real Estate Broker directly that will be the hands-on person/contact performing the sale. I'm a Real Estate Broker who handles all transactions directly with the client!


  2. I’m a local Real Estate Broker and Jackson Real Estate Group is a family-owned company that is proud to serve our region. We are deep-rooted in the community. I’ve lived in the Sacramento region for over 30 years! I know the entire area very well and can provide you with various details pertaining to specific areas across the region that you are interested in.


  3. 3. I'm a full-time Real Estate Broker: anything less and you'd be short changed. I am NOT a part-time agent or loan officer that works only whenI want to or needs some extra cash or try's to work after I get off of work from my "real" job. This is my career and it's a 24/7 business! You need someone who lives and breathes real estate everyday full-time or the service you receive is diminished tremendously. The real estate market is a fast-paced industry and even just a few hours waiting around for someone can be detrimental on timelines and contracts. This commitment as a full-time Real Estate Broker makes me available to you early mornings, afternoons, and evenings! There is nothing worse than an agent that never answers the phone or is consistently not available or does not have their time dedicated to you completely. I am always available for help!


  4. My specific Real Estate education/training level and my professional designations in the real estate field. Both show my commitment to excellence and professionalism in the field. I have taken 12 college level specific real estate courses so I have an in-depth knowledge base of the field. I have earned 3 college degrees between residential real estate, commercial real estate, and finance. Specific real estate degrees are a rarity that most real estate professionals in the industry don't have. In addition, I have taken 40+ courses in business between finance, economics, marketing, business math, and my professional designation courses. I'm good at business and am a great resource to talk to about real estate and financials in general. All of these attributes set me apart and above from the average agent/realtor/broker in our region!


  5. Having a well-educated, highly-trained Real Estate Broker in your corner during the transaction. Hiring a Broker, agent, or Realtor is like most professions; some are better educated and better trained than others! I am always successful, and have been building an excellent reputation that I will maintain for my lifetime in the real estate industry. My goal is that my children will someday take the reins of the business so my wife and I can enjoy our retirement years.


  6. I will meet you for Free to discuss your buying, selling, or investing plans. I enjoy providing counsel/ advice to all my clients and I am NOT a phony or pushy salesperson who is going to hound you over and over and over or pressure to work with me. I feel if we meet you will believe I'm the right Real Estate Broker for you to hire. If not, then I respect that decision and will move on.


  7. I sell property! My negotiation skills, people skills, communication, attention to details, and my aggressive marketing/advertising are outstanding! My professional marketing/advertising includes: Many internet websites for property exposure, tons of social media for property exposure, agent-only MLS for exposure, public MLS for exposure, car radio marketing, newspaper ads for exposure, open houses, magazines for exposure, 1000s of flyers, broker's open houses, and much more!


  8. I will guide you through the complexities of buying and/or selling real estate from start to finish. You will never be left in the dark during a transaction wondering what's going on. My communication is great and you will have peace of mind by being well informed of what is going on with your property. Plus I’m very easy to work with!


  9. 9. Whether your real estate needs are buying, selling, investing, leasing, or building I am very knowledgeable. I am one of the TOP Real Estate Brokers in our region not only for training/RE Education but also production.


  10. When you're buying a home or looking to refinance your current mortgage, I'll use my connections throughout the mortgage industry to help get you the best deals available. I have preferred loan consultants available you can contact anytime!

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